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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of specialist teachers, carers, interaction designers, programmers and assistive technology experts working within the field of visual impairment and complex profound learning difficulties.

The MDVI Lab project is based at the Bartiméus Institute, is funded by the Bartiméus-Sonneheerdt Trust and run in partnership with the Accessibility Foundation.

Bartiméus Institute
The Bartiméus Institute is the largest organisation for the blind and visually impaired in The Netherlands, each year catering to over 12,000 clients. The institue has centres throughout the Netherlands, including a specialist school and residential community for the MDVI.

Accessibility Foundation
The Accessibility Foundation is an expertise centre in the field of ICT quality and accessibility. Accessibility provides education and outreach in the form of information and training to businesses, (local) governments and other organisations concerning the accessibility of the Internet and other digital media for all, including those with a disability.

Bartiméus-Sonneheerdt Trust
The Bartiméus-Sonneheerdt Trust is a Dutch charity that finances projects promoting the education and care of people with a visual impairment including those with additional disabilities living in the Netherlands.

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