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Case Studies

The Bartiméus Institute hosts ongoing technology projects that focus on the needs of clients with an MDVI. This part of the lab contains detailed information on current and previous projects and includes the personal stories of some of our clients.

Digital Lifebook Project
The Digital Lifebook is a web-based tool for the development of accessible multimedia lifebooks for individuals with an MDVI.

Sound Sofa Project
From the outside it looks like any ordinary sofa but thanks to a series of computers and gadgets contained within, anyone who dares to take a seat is in for a unique vibro-acoustic experience!

B-Link Web Community
The B-link website is an on-line interactive community specially developed for people with a visual impairment and learning disabilities. The website provides accessible versions of mainstream Internet applications, such as an e-mail client that can be operated without text, solely through image, sound and video.

RFID: Label Your Environment
The purpose of the Label Your Environment Project was to explore the applications of Radio Frequency IDentification within the field of visual impairment. One area of research has been to explore ways in which this technology can be used with individuals with multiple disabilities.

The Computer Club
The computer club is a weekly evening activity held for the clients at the residential community for the MDVI at the Bartiméus Institute. The individuals that attend the club range from 16 to 60+, and all have partial or complete sight-loss and underlying (profound) learning disabilities.