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Welcome to the MDVI Lab

The MDVI Lab has been developed as part of a project by the Bartiméus Institute to showcase the latest research in technology access for individuals who have multiple disabilities in addition to severe or complete sight loss (MDVI - Multiple-Disabilities and Visual Impairment).

Why is the MDVI Lab needed?
This resource is unique in that until now, limited information has been available on how to address the specific needs of individuals with an MDVI whose sight loss prevents them from accessing information visually and whose additional disabilities are such that assistive software and technology such as screen-enlargement, Braille-output and speech-output software are unsuitable.

There is a wealth of information and resources available for those with multiple-disabilities who are able to access detailed visual cues and feedback. Much of the technology for individuals with a profound multiple-disability makes heavy use of complex graphics and animation as a substitute for textual information (information is conveyed through images in place of words). Likewise, there are a volume of resources available to individuals with significant sight-loss who are capable of using assistive software and hardware.

The highly specific needs of the MDVI, however, have slipped through the net, leaving this group isolated from the many possibilities that ICT has to offer.

The goal of the MDVI Lab is to present all the existing possibilities accessible to this special group of clients, to provide a valuable resource for educators and specialists working within this field and to attract the interest and involvement of other national and international partners to build upon the existing ICT resources for the MDVI.

What the future holds
It is our aim for the MDVI Lab to develop into an internationally recognised one-stop resource for all those involved with the technology access of those with multiple disabilities and a visual impairment.

The Bartiméus Institute is a national centre of expertise on the research of assistive technology for the MDVI in the Netherlands. We hope to forge links with other centres of expertise around the world to share knowledge and further the possibilities for this specific group of clients, improving their quality of life.